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Where do I download Torus Bass from?

After a purchase is made, a license key (serial number) will be presented on screen. It will also be sent via email. This serial must be copied into the Native Access section where serial numbers for new products are added. Paste serial, refresh account, and then navigate the product list to find Torus Bass. Click "install" and wait for Torus Bass to be downloaded and installed.

Do I need the full version of Kontakt?

Nope! Torus Bass can totally be used with Kontakt Player Free!

Can I use Torus Bass with Native Instruments (NKS) hardware?

Torus Bass is fully compatible with all NKS hardware. Perfectly mapped to be used with the available tactile controls.

BASS MIDI loops, how do I use them?

Simply drag and drop the desired file onto the active project with Torus Bass loaded on an active channel. Encouraged to modify the melody and structure, or leave it as is and use it straight away.

Dead notes or harmonics or pick scrape not working

These are string specific articulations. To engage them, you must also press down a string of your choice with each mentioned articulations.

Articulation keys do not latch

The effect of any articulation key is only active when they are held down. The default state when no purple key is pressed down, is normal pick (down picks only) and normal bass-to-piano range.

Distortion not working, limiter also not showing signal reduction

To activate the bottom FX chain and use all of its blocks, you must turn on the big toggle switch under the "Panel Toggle" text.

I try to do legato but nothing happens

The way Torus Bass is scripted allows you to arrange legato by pressing either E-2 key for hammer-ons or F-2 key for pull-offs.

I can't play chords with Torus Bass

Torus Bass is a monophonic instrument, taking into account the lateral progression of notes on each string. Chords can be played wherever a selected range allows it.

Where's the manual?

It can be found inside the instrument folder or here


Due to the nature of intangible digital goods, no refunds can be made, regardless of the product type purchased on this website.