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Silvermount Audio

NKI - Torus Bass

NKI - Torus Bass

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Now updated to v1.2

  • 6000+ samples
  • Normal Pick, Palm Mute, Dead Notes, Slap, Harmonics, Tap, Pull, Pick Scrape, Left Hand Perc, Scratch All Strings
  • Alternate pick function
  • Real slide up and down samples (slow, medium, fast) on all strings, for 1-12 and 12-24 fret ranges
  • Integrated dual chain for saturation separation
  • Easy access to the entire FX chain
  • Interactive fretboard with note and articulation indicators with clear range path 
  • Realistic fret release and note stop on key release
  • Logical progression of notes after the 24th fret
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  • Functional with Kontakt Player Free

  • Compatible with every NKS hardware